An online platform and mobile app that offers and distributes daily meals from different restaurants in a geographical area. It is mainly aimed at office and company workers. 2lunch is a powerful nutrition tool with the ability to suggest and recommend the user meal plans based on their tastes, previous orders or even on nutritional preferences and deliver them to the user at no extra cost.

ACPD. Airtight Connector for Peritoneal Dialysis

Airtight Connector for Peritoneal Dialysis, in order to avoid the risk of peritonitis in patients, coupled with an improvement in ease of catheter-off.


Cash-flow Beholder Manager will reveal the how and when of the cash flows, the balance of cash and banks in real time, the amounts and timing of cash receipts and payments, will enable financial forecasts, based on models of market evolution that minimize the uncertainty of the forecasts. This will allow companies to improve their policies for collections and payments, improve their budgets and sales forecasts, facilitate decision-making on new products and/or marketing campaigns, improve inventory management, will help them to effectively negotiate with financial entities, avoid idle funds and getting the maximum return on company resources.

ISBITEC. Ear-EEG System Project

The aim of the Shadow Project is to develop a piece of hardware in or behind the ear that is capable of collecting data through several pulse and brainwave sensors. The user’s heart rate will be captured also. The data that we aim to obtain are the user’s heartbeats, to be subsequently treated and used in conjunction with the information obtained by the electrodes. This will provide a better understanding of the data analyzed and the body/brain arousal. The information thus acquired will subsequently be treated by a reading software on mobile devices and/or the internet.


We offer a new concept of Termostat. It will allow control of most of the heating systems (gas and electricity) from a smartphone, learning from the family habits, programming it automatically, and giving suggestions (including actions) to reduce the energy consumption based on the technical features of the heating system itself. This new concept is modular and scalable, wireless door o presence sensors can be added to avoid heating when the home is empty, and smart switches are also available to eliminate stand-by.

evovelo, solar urban vehicles

evovelo has designed mö, a SOLAR URBAN VEHICLE that combines the comfort of a conventional car with the benefits of an electric bicycle. mö is made with sustainable materials, is powered by a powerful electric motor which is powered by a battery that is charged by the integrated solar panels and allows their user to do a little exercise with its pedal-assisted system. Our vehicles can transport people and goods with efficiency criteria, sustainability and environmentally friendly and represent a real and sustainable alternative to solve mobility problems, pollution and noise in urban, business and entertainment environments.

Flipship transport cooperation

Online platform where companies publish empty transport routes for a collaborative reuse.

Gnanomat, Bringing the future of nanomaterials.

Our own technology impacts in graphene quality improvement, reduction of costs derived of inputs, reduction of synthesis steps and reduction of pollutant reagents derivatives. These features, together with the potential of our technology to easily generate composites with different molecule families, make of Gnanomat technology a breakthrough in the graphene manufacturing area, not only to synthesize high quality graphene, but also to ad-hoc manipulate this high add-value products to manufacture other graphene-derivatives by a cleaner, cheaper and more versatile procedure that any other already known.


HOMINIDAE: From RIFT to JAVA. Complementary teaching tool for schools.


StrokeCare is an app for tablets and mobile phones created to help families with a member that has suffered a stroke.

Installing Photovoltaic Solar Power Generating with Active Demand Management for Self-Supply

The system consists of: Photovoltaic panels, isolated inverter, switchboard and control management, automatic switch for each group of loads. The unit measures the available power in the isolated PV system to send the right signals to the switches so that there is a balance between the available power in the isolated inverter and power connected loads orders. With the system prevents: be connected to public grid when there is sufficient power in our own isolated network and the need to size a storage battery for total demand loads as a traditional system isolated. This poses considerable economic and legal advantages.

Kuorum - Smart Politics

Kuorum (www.kuorum.org) is a social network in which politicians can involve the citizenry and organizations in legislative processes. The backbone of users' activity is provided by bills being debated in their national and regional parliaments. Citizens and organizations make proposals that will be defended by elected politicians in the institutions. The revenue model is based in promoted campaigns and premium accounts for city councillors. The promoted campaigns model requires a high volume of users. For this reason, until the required volume is achieved, the community growth will be supported by the recurrent incomes coming from the premium accounts.

leARn: an augmented reality wearable system for preventive maintenance and technical learning.

leARn is an augmented reality platform for preventive maintenance and technical learning. It has its main application in professional and industrial sectors, such as: vehicle maintenance, vial infrastructures, energy production and distribution, military logistic, medical equipment, etc. This system will provide support to the user while he is undertaking a variety of tasks. To achieve it, the system makes use of its camera to “see” the real world and look for the objects and tools involved in the aforementioned tasks. Then uses a head-mounted display to show tridimensional instructions that the user can easily follow.


This proposal aims to locate and monitor livestock outdoors, trace and track individual animals to observe their habits and improve its care. It provides ranchers with a new and powerful tool for livestock management, eliminating the locating time for an animal, and sending notifications if any anomalies are detected, for example as a result of a health problem. To accomplish it, physical parameters, such as temperature, will be monitored. Each animal will be equipped with a device consisting of a single long-range receiver for determining position of a short range tag for identification of each animal and various sensors.


Given one text, containing some paragraphs, the proposed software is able to create a summary which is generated by sequencing the most important sentences which are chained in same order than in the original source text. This functionality can be used for having a short flash about documents what can help in deciding if is worthwhile to read it in deep, hence it can save time in searching for information. It also can be useful for Community Managers when publishing news when managing Social Media Networks.

WERIUM. Physiological sensors for human-computer interaction

Werium offers wearable and affordable sensors to measure physiological signals. Motion, muscle activity and gaze are some of the physiological variables. erium offers software packages to use the physiological information In human-computer interaction. Controlling a computer, it is possible to control an assistive device or a TV at home. erium products has been specially designed for people with motor disabilities since they are not able to control computer with standard interfaces (e.g. mouse or joystick). Specially for people with Cerebral Palsy, which causes severe motor limitations. Beyond this market segment, these products can be used for many other applications.

PROSTOCEPTICS. Portable Body Surface Imaging for Postural Re-education

Using portable sensors that could potentially be embedded in textile support, we have developed technology capable of achieving accurate surface reconstruction of the user's dorsal region. Such a technology enables real-time portable posture training in a number of postural disorders that may benefit from continuous postural re-education. With minor modifications, our technology may enable movement training in a plethora of scenarios in the sports and wellbeing markets.

Project ShoWED: Short Wave Electric Device

The project uses the small waves to produce electricity, lightning, desalinated water, hydrogen low cost and eliminate the CO2, We propose system low cost, with Easy and fast installation. This system does the transformation of the energy potential of the waves into electricity using an electronic system and special generator; the Power could be increased in more steps because groups are modular; the environmental impact is almost zero why not serve them foundations, there aren't noises, they don't use polluting materials, you see only a simple float.

RR3F.Raised heating floor system, removable and prefabricated.

This system combines the radiant floor and the raised floor; and it is possible to partially disassemble it in non-stop operation and avoiding empty the circuit. Respects the land on which you have, protected as a monument or public ground, such as outdoor cafes. Like prefabricated is easily transportable and its assembly is immediate. It can use sustainable energy sources (solar thermal, geothermal…).


There comes a time in life when you have to take care of your parents and your children. In Europe there are more than 28 million people over 65 years old living alone and over 42 million of families with children and both parents busy. REX is a system for personal care and protection inside and outside home, getting the most of sensors available in smartphones, smartwatches and at home. REX monitors the movement and activity of people, it allows you to identify their habits and to customize rules for alerts, alarms and notifications, for each of your love ones.

SimCosmetic Biotech - Intelligent Solutions for Novel Cosmetic Developments

SimCosmetic Biotech is a company focused on the development of novel dermocosmetics based on natural products. Our biotechnological platforms are designed to screen and combine natural ingredients in order to generate novel IP protected dermocosmetic products with synergistic activities.

CTB.Smart neuron networks with desired properties to process information

The core of the proposal is to carry out an integrated study of self-organization and collective behavior of neuron cells. The main objective of this proposal is thorough investigation of the mechanisms of information processing in neuronal networks and their impact on the capacity of underlying brain neurons collective tasks, such as short-term memory and learning and its possible alteration in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, the discovery of innovative drugs and medicines. Based on this study, smart neuron cultures with desired properties will be created and implanted into living organisms or used for designing smart biorobots.

NICO. Smartphone-based dynamic corneal topographer

The over 100 million people worldwide wearing contact lenses, patients requiring refractive surgery or patients with corneal pathologies depend upon prohibitively expensive corneal topography for successful treatment, and those suffering from dry eye disease demands an objective and quantitative imaging technique. NICO is a low-cost, portable and high quality smartphone-based dynamic corneal topographer. NICO aims to diagnose objectively dry eye disease and to make customized corneal solutions accessible to worldwide ocular specialists.

SOTICOL Robotics Systems

The main goal of SOTICOL Robotics Systems is to mainly attend the current demand on technologies applied to real dynamic systems (e.g. RPAS). We provide exclusive technologically products giving priority to 3 fundamental concepts: efficiency, innovation and security

VirTimePlace, Mobile immersive experience in the cultural heritage.

VirTimePlace is a system focused on the Promotion of Cultural Tourism based on mobile immersive experience, entertainment and social collaboration