The innoSmart presentation will be held on 23 June; this initiative supports entrepreneurship and emerging industries through creativity as the basis for innovation.

During the presentation, expert in entrepreneurship Mario López de Ávila will share with attendees his thoughts on hybridization as the essence of creativity in his chat “I have seen the future and it’s hybrid”. The presentation will be a taster for the innoSmart Creativity Workshop. Soon anyone interested in the innoSmart Competition will be able to participate in the workshop. The competition will award innovation services valued at €6,000 and international contacts to 50 finalist projects.

The event, organised by the Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge, Madrid Biocluster, Sustainability and Renewable Energy Cluster, ITC Audiovisual Cluster and Madrid Spanish Platform will be held at the European Commission Representation Offices in Spain. Attendees may hold private meetings to assess the possibility of collaborating with other sectors or disciplines, and of participating in the project.

If you are interested in attending, please register as soon as possible by clicking on the following link; space is limited.

Download PDF of programme