innoSmart is a project that aims to achieve cooperation between different types of participant, whether you are a professional with an innovative idea, an entrepreneur, a consultant or represent a company, university, institution, etc. Participants can be from any European country. In any of the above cases, you can participate and collaborate in the innoSmart projects.

What does innoSmart offer?

We offer cooperation with other companies, entrepreneurs and experts; the possibility to see new ideas, collaborate with them, try new technologies in companies, assist in the development of new projects or identify new opportunities for my company.

I’m interested in a project.

If you've seen a project that interests you and you want to know more and collaborate or cooperate with them, register as a company and tell us what project or idea interests you. We put you in touch.

I am interested in Innosmart and collaborating on a project in general.

If you want to collaborate, learn and provide your expertise, register as a stakeholder.

You could share your knowledge about your industry or area of expertise or clusters, innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. You will receive information about new projects and ideas, you can actively participate in a European project that promotes the creation of new networks and companies.

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